Angry Browns Fans Mercilessly Rips Off Johnny Manziel Jersey Hulk Hogan Style

by 3 years ago
Browns fans rips apart Manziel jersey


It looks like Johnny Manziel partying in Dallas over the weekend was the final straw for Browns fans, or at least for the ones who ambitiously purchased his jersey. Because this dude has HAD IT:

Although this Browns bro struggles to finish the job in one fluid motion, like Hulk Hogan tearing away one of those cheap t-shirts, it does appear to be an authentic NFL jersey. So I’m actually coming away from this seminal moment pretty impressed. Unless of course he cheated and did a little pre-cut of sorts to make the dramatic tear-away much easier.

Whatever the case may be, can the Browns just cut this guy already? With Tony Romo’s health a never-ending question mark, JFF is a lock to be in Dallas and I, for one, cannot wait for that signing and introductory press conference.

In the event you happened to missed Manziel’s most recent “antics” in Jerruh country, heeeeres’ Johnny:

Based on that video, I’m calling “hoverboard injury” as the next Manziel news to pop up in my Twitter feed.

[H/T Busted Coverage]

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