Carolina Panthers Quarterback Bryce Young Wants To Throw The Ball More In Preseason

Bryce Young

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The Carolina Panthers decided to build their franchise around Alabama quarterback Bryce Young when they traded up with the Chicago Bears to take him first overall in the 2023 NFL Draft. Right now, Panthers fans haven’t seen much of him through two preseason games.

The reasons why Bryce Young went first overall were obvious. He’s clearly a very talented player.

Despite his diminutive size at just five-feet-ten-inches, he has all the other great traits of a quarterback. He has great accuracy and anticipation, and moves in the pocket efficiently. His arm strength is better than you’d expect for his size, and he’s an outstanding playmaker.

Bryce Young has already been named the starter. But, he’s not getting a ton of passing attempts in his first two preseason games. The rookie has only attempted twelve total passes in those contests against the New York Jets and New York Giants. If he was an established starter, that would make sense. But, in my opinion, a young player like that needs those extra preseason reps.

And, he agrees, according to head coach Frank Reich. Here’s Pro Football Talk with more.

If Panthers quarterback Bryce Young had any disappointments about Friday night’s preseason game, it’s that he didn’t get to stay in long enough.

That’s the word from Panthers coach Frank Reich, who said after the game that Young played well but would have liked to throw more than he did. Young finished 3-for-6 for 35 yards, with one sack and no touchdowns or interceptions.

“I thought Bryce looked sharp,” Reich said. “I think he wanted to throw the ball more. He wanted to throw a little bit more, but I thought he looked sharp.”

Reich said Young handled the pass rush well, which is imperative for a rookie quarterback.

“I think he was seeing it really well. They did blitz a few times. We’ll see the film but I think we made the right protection call every time. I just felt like he was comfortable and poised in the pocket and seeing what he was supposed to see,” Reich said.

The third and final preseason game is next Friday against Detroit. Many teams will have their starters play more in the third and final preseason game. And, for Bryce Young, I hope that’s the case.

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