Bryson Dechambeau Doubles Down On Previous Shade Thrown At Augusta National Before The Masters

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There was a time where Bryson DeChambeau was the next big thing, physically and literally, on the PGA Tour.

DeChambeau, with his protractors and protein shakes, had taken over the golf world in 2020.

The SMU product took home a pair of PGA Tour victories and his first career major championship that year at the US Open.

But prior to either victory, he stirred up a ton of controversy with his comments about Augusta National Golf Course. At the time, DeChambeau was focusing his game on trying to drive the ball 400 yards every time he stepped on the tee box.

This strategy, he believed would make The Masters easier for him than it would be for everyone else.

““I’m looking at it as a par 67 for me because I can reach all the par fives in two, no problem. If the conditions stay the way they are, that’s what I feel like par is for me,” DeChambeau said of the legendary course.

Of course, things didn’t work out that way. DeChambeau didn’t sniff 67 in any of his four rounds and finished at -2 in a tie for 34th place. He finished over par in three of four rounds and tied for 46th in 2021. And in 2022, he was +12 after 36 holes and missed the cut.

You would think maybe that would make him walk back his previous comments. But you would be wrong!

“Do I regret? Everybody has a perspective on it,” DeChambeau said Monday according to ESPN’s Mark Schlabach. “I don’t think I regret anything. What I do understand is that I have a lot of respect for the course. Because of that statement, [people] think I don’t have respect for the course. Are you kidding me? This is one of the greatest golf courses in the entire world, and if anybody thinks I don’t have respect for the course, they’d better go check out who I actually am, because it’s not accurate one bit.”

DeChambeau, who has since stopped trying to give himself gout, is now slimmed down and playing with a different approach. But he still believes he can overpower the legendary course.

“Hypothetically, theoretically, look, if you make 18 birdies, it’s going to be 54, right?” DeChambeau said. “It’s a perfect score, right? Unattainable, 67 every day, unattainable. It can happen, but is it likely to happen? Probably not. With the distance I’m hitting it and was hitting it, I thought there was a possibility, but that’s only with your A-game, and I should have rephrased that. If you have your A-game, there’s a good chance of being able to do that.”

Good luck with that one, Bryson.