Bryson DeChambeau Was Featured On ‘Jeopardy!’ But None Of The Contestants Had A Clue Who He Was

bryson dechambeau jeopardy

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Forget winning seven PGA Tour events, the U.S. Open, or becoming the longest hitter on the PGA Tour, those accolades don’t compare to being featured on ‘Jeopardy!.’ You’ve truly made it when your name is featured as an answer or question on the beloved game show.

That was the case for Bryson DeChambeau during an episode that aired earlier in the week, one of the last episodes to feature Alex Trebek. Unfortunately, none of the contestants had a clue who DeChambeau was.

In the category ‘jocks,’ the $1,000 clue read “the unconventional methods of this long-hitting U.S. Open champ includes using a protractor on the putting green.”


Not a single contestant even threw out a guess. You’d think one of them would have shouted out ‘Tiger Woods’ just as a shot in the dark, but nope, utter silence.

Sidenote: the way Trebek pronounces ‘DeChambeau’ is art.

While the three contestants probably hadn’t heard the name ‘Bryson DeChambeau’ before Trebek said it, it’s still an honor for The Big Golfer to be featured on the show. He can go on and complete the career Grand Slam, but this moment should sit atop his résumé.

Now, we need DeChambeau to go on the show and see if he can hold his own, especially when it comes to any physics questions.