Tampa Bay Buccaneers And Baker Mayfield Subtly Troll Russell Wilson With Introduction Video

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Russell Wilson had a pretty rough go of things in his first season with the Denver Broncos.

The nine-time Pro Bowler threw for 3,524 yards, just 16 touchdowns and an 11 interceptions during his first season in the Mile High City.

The Broncos went just 4-11 in his 15 starts and first-year head coach Nathaniel Hackett got fired before he even complete an entire season (good luck, New York Jets fans).

But perhaps we should’ve seen Wilson’s sharp decline coming. His time in Denver got off to a rough start before he even stepped foot on the field.

Denver had its star quarterback film a hype video prior to ever playing a down. Said hype video eventually went viral for all the wrong reasons.

Thus, “Broncos Country, Let’s Ride” was born. And it will never, ever die so long as Wilson is struggling in Denver.

On a similar note, Baker Mayfield had a pretty rough 2022 season. Mayfield was traded from the Cleveland Browns to the Carolina Panthers and then later released after struggling on the field. The Los Angeles Rams eventually picked Mayfield up, but months later he was back on the free agent market.

The former No. 1 overall pick in the NFL Draft looks set for yet another chance in 2023. This time, he’ll likely be the starter for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as they look to move forward after Tom Brady’s retirement.

Tampa Bay officially introduced Mayfield with a video on Twitter on Monday morning.

“Bucs fans, Baker Mayfield here. Just signed the contract. Ready to get to work. Happy to be here. Let’s get it,” Mayfield said in the short, relatively innocuous video.

But it was the caption above the video, which read “Let’s Bake”, that caught peoples’ attention.

They really didn’t have to do Russell Wilson like that. But that doesn’t mean Twitter isn’t going to take the time to get jokes off. Sadly, it remains yet to be seen whether the jokes translate to wins for Tampa Bay in 2023.