Tampa Bay Bucs Twitter Account Demonstrating Losing Mentality With Alvin Kamara Tweet

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Saints: 34, Bucs: 23

Alvin Kamara: Two touchdowns (almost three) despite rushing for just 16 yards on 12 carries.

Tom Brady’s debut with the Bucs:

Tom reminiscing about his large Dunkin’ iced extra extra and a hot cup of New England clam chowda on a brisk fall day after mushroom-stamping the Jets…

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Football is a win/loss league. There are no silver linings, no consolation prizes, no Best Effort awards. Win or die.

This is the only mentality to have. Otherwise, you foster a culture that thinks it’s acceptable not to make the playoffs in 13 years. AHEM.


If I’m a Bucs fan, I’d have this endless optimism going into Week 2 with a defense that stifled the run and the best quarterback to ever live, but I’m not so I can undermine their hope and make their lives slightly less enjoyable. Isn’t that what sports are for? Blowing off some steam to deflect addressing the real problems in your life. My dish washer’s been broken for six months fuck everyone with an 813 area code.

Look at these widdle Tampa fans picking the corn out of the cow shit. So cute.

God, I’m unhappy SUCK MY ASS TAMPA BAY!


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