Absolutely NOBODY Showed Up To Watch Buffalo Football Lose Third-Straight Game

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The University of Buffalo officially holds the title of worst crowd in college football for 2023 thus far. It does not seem likely that the Bulls will have that title taken away from them this season.

Their crowd on Saturday was among the worst in history. Nobody showed up.

Well, technically somebody showed up.

But no more than a few hundred people. And that might be extremely generous.

Buffalo, located in Buffalo, began its season with back-to-back losses. It lost 38-17 to Wisconsin in Week 1 and then dropped a home game to an FCS opponent in Week 2. Fordham rolled into town and left with a three-point win.

Although the Bulls struggle to garner much fan interest to begin with, losing to the Rams killed any hope for a big year. Thus, as they welcomed the Liberty Flames to upstate New York for the first time, their fanbase decided that their day would be better spent elsewhere.

CBS Sports had the broadcast and an on-field angle showed about 40 people on the far end of the lower bowl behind one of the end zones. Some of them were employees, like security or cameramen.

University of Buffalo football played Saturday's game against Liberty in front of a nonexistent crowd of no fans
CBS Sports

Now, to be fair to Buffalo, that one particular image did not show the entire stadium. Unfortunately, that only makes support for the Bulls look even worse.

UB Stadium was a ghost town.

It can hold a capacity of 29,013 fans. At least 28,000 of them didn’t show up. Maybe more.

There are plenty of programs nationwide that struggle to put butts in the seats. It’s understandable when a team does not sell out its stadium on a frequent basis, or at all.

However, the scene in Buffalo on Saturday was among the worst in recent history. Very few crowds — even at a cold MACtion game on a Tuesday in late November — have as few attendees as the Bulls.

Absolutely nobody showed up to watch University of Buffalo football lose its third-straight game, even though it won a bowl game last year. It’s brutal to the point that you have to feel sorry for the players.

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