The Bros Guide To Building An Alpha Male Physique

Superheroes, professional athletes, and golden era bodybuilders, have bodies that have one major theme in common. This theme is hardwired into the male and female brain alike to be attractive, desirable, and all around Alpha Male like.

These Alpha Male type bodies always have broad shoulders, a narrow waist, strong legs, and well-developed calves.

This look is like they Holy Grail of physiques. Forget overdeveloped behemoth body builders or super heavyweight powerlifters. There’s a reason we covet the body most professional athletes have, and it’s not that they kick ass on the field.

They’re the modern day Alpha Male, and their body shows it.

We’re evolutionarily hardwired to desire an Alpha Male physique like this.

There are certain things that we can thank evolution for. Not living a in a primordial soup anymore is definitely one. Another is that the body types we desire and find attractive are part in thanks to the body types our ancestors loved.

Broad shoulders signified strength. To our potential mates, it shows that we’re capable of protecting them in times of need. Throw a narrow waist into the mix, and not only are you sending out signs of strength, but virility is in the mix. To the ladies, you’re a walking billboard showcasing your ability to protect and start a family.

Well-developed calves show that we’ve got a strong lower body capable of moving far and wide to hunt and track down food.

Maybe we’re evolving and the dadbod is becoming an evolutionary trait that potential mates find attractive, which is partly why it’s becoming so popular. But I doubt it.

How to get an Alpha Male physique that turns on ladies primal urge to jump your bones:

Developing a physique that triggers a woman’s ancestral desire deep down has a few simple guidelines. Follow these guidelines, and you’ll wind up with a body that’s highly aesthetic, capable of performing, and shows that you’re one badass motherfucker.

Build boulder shoulders:

A massive part of having the superhero/x shaped physique is having broad shoulders. Without broad shoulders, the whole look goes to hell.

Broad shoulders, above anything else, signify that you’re strong and capable of protecting yourself and others.

Broad shoulders also help create the illusion of making your waist look smaller, which helps significantly if you store the last bastion of your fat stores in a place like your love handles.

A few moves to build great shoulders:

  • Overhead Presses
  • Upright Rows
  • Lateral Raises
  • Farmer Carries

Big arms:

Big arms, but not too big, are another key to this style physique. Like boulder shoulders, they show that you’re strong and capable of protecting a family or yourself.

Big arms also show that you’re likely a successful hunter, which deep down triggers something among other men and women as well. If you can provide and protect for your family, you’re seen as an alpha male. You’re less likely to get fucked with, and more likely to be the object of desire.

A few moves to build big arms:

  • Close Grip Bench
  • Barbell Curl
  • Tricep Dips
  • Hammer Curl

A tiny waist:

Let’s make one thing clear; when we talk about a tiny waist we don’t mean that you should be wearing a waist trainer or any other bullshit type product out there. That’s not at all the case here.

A tiny waist, in this regard, means that you’re in shape and not carrying an excess amount of fat around your midsection. Excess fat in the midsection isn’t healthy, it slows you down, and unless you’re The Mountain, signifies weakness.

Put simply, excess fat around your midsection shows that you’re at an evolutionary disadvantage.

A few ways to trim your waist down:

  • Diet.
  • Eat less shit.
  • Eat fewer calories.
  • Ab wheel rollouts
  • Hanging leg raises
  • Windshield wipers

Big calves:

Building big calves isn’t easy, but it’s necessary to attain a look that our ancestors would be proud of. It signifies strength, endurance, and the ability to chase down a fucking buffalo if you need to.

Calves are by far and away the most stubborn body part known to man. For some of us, great calves seem like they’re impossible no matter how much time we spend working on them. Which sucks, especially because we all have a friend who doesn’t do shit in the gym but has great calves.

Calves are stubborn because they’re designed to take a beating though. They carry you around all damn day, and because of that they have an extremely high threshold for growth.

Because of this, training calves multiple times per week, from various angles, and multiple rep ranges is necessary.

If stubborn calves are your issue, try training them 3 times a week, with one day being a strength focused day where the reps don’t go above 6 with at least 6-7 total sets per exercise. Make the other two days hypertrophy/tempo focused days where the tempo is slow and controlled, and the reps are in the 8-12 range, with roughly 3-4 sets per exercise.

Another thing calves seem to respond well to is hill sprinting. Busting out hill sprints a couple of times a week is an excellent way to get more calf training in, as well as cut down body fat.

A few calf training favorites:

  • Calf raises on the leg press
  • Seated calf raises (if done properly)
  • Donkey calf raises

You can hate on the idea of an Alpha Male, or any other similar term all you want. The fact is, this body type isn’t exclusive to an Alpha Male physique or anything else. It’s attractive to damn near every single man and woman walking the Earth today. There’s a very cool element to working to build what you consider an Alpha Male physique though. Not only can it do wonders for your look, it can do wonders for your confidence as well.