Caitlin Clark Addresses Iowa’s White House Invite After LSU Won Title

Caitlin Clark

Getty Image / Maddie Meyer

The Women’s National Championship game was the most watched women’s game ever. The Iowa Hawkeyes and LSU Tigers are helping change the narrative of women’s sports.

With that said, it was a bit odd when First Lady, Jill Biden, claimed she wanted to see both, Iowa and LSU at the White House. Now, Caitlin Clark shares her take.

As you would expect, Angel Reese wasn’t having any part of Iowa joining her and her teammates at the White House to celebrate their title win. Here was her response to the news.

Many sports fans sided with Reese. Additionally, Caitlin Clark sides with her as well.

During a video interview on ESPN, the Hawkeyes star shut down the desire of attending the White House with LSU.

Clearly, Caitlin Clark would love to visit the White House. But what’s the point of going if you’re the runner-up?

Although it was a kind gesture from the First Lady, that’s just now how White House visits work for sports.

At the end of the day, women’s basketball is getting a crazy amount of buzz that it’s never received before.

What’s more exciting, is we could have a rematch between Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese next season.

Neither of them is eligible for the WNBA Draft yet, so we could be in for another spectacular March Madness in the women’s bracket next year.

With that said, we just hope LSU enjoys their White House visit. Meanwhile, we’re sure Caitlin Clark is putting in the work to lead her team back to the National Championship game.