Heisman Winner Caleb Williams Reveals Thoughts On Upcoming NCAA Video Game

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USC quarterback and reigning Heisman Trophy winner Caleb Williams could well be the on the cover of the next edition of EA Sports’ NCAA Football when it comes out next summer.

But Williams still isn’t sold on the idea of the game.

He revealed as much in an interview with Ross Dellenger of Yahoo Sports.

“Thing about life is, you have to adjust to anything. Businesses and brands and things like that have to adjust to the new brand of college. I’d love to have the game back, but it’s the new day and age and everybody knows what the new day and age in college is,” Williams said when discussing the discussing the game and the rumored $500 payouts to players involved. “It’s like if you go to school and you are a straight-A student and there’s another kid whose strong suit isn’t school and he gets B’s or B-minuses. How fair would it be if you get the same grade as him? That never works in school and it doesn’t make sense. That’s how I look at that game with the situation with the $500.”

Williams noted that he used to play the game all the time. In fact, he’d play as one of USC’s Pac-12 (and future Big Ten) rivals, the Oregon Ducks.

“I used to play with the Ducks and go tear it up,” Williams, now the quarterback of Pac-12 rival USC, said. “It’s always been a dream of mine to play the game again.”

Should Williams land on the cover of next year’s game, he’d be the fourth Trojans star to do so after Carson Palmer, Reggie Bush and Mark Sanchez.

But the game is still a long ways away. And EA Sports must first clear a number of hurdles before it is officially released.