Calvin Ridley Responds To Questions About His Playing Ability After Hiatus

Calvin Ridley

Getty Image / Cooper Neill

The Jacksonville Jaguars made a big trade mid-season to acquire Calvin Ridley from the Atlanta Falcons.

He’s due to return from suspension, giving Trevor Lawrence a talented wide receiver to play with.

However, many question whether or not Ridley still has the juice to be an elite-level pass option in the NFL.

Now, Calvin Ridley shares his response to those questions.

During a press conference with the media, responded with questions of his own, per NFL on CBS. Here’s what he had to say about his hiatus.

Considering Ridley is still only 28 years old, you’d think there would be no problem with him getting back on the field.

Even so, anytime a player misses the amount of time he has, people will ponder what-if scenarios.

Regardless, Ridley was a stud before he walked away from football. The season-long suspension didn’t help either. However, the Jaguars receiver seems very much in shape and eager to play in the 2023 season.

If he’s back to form, then Calvin Ridley could have a career year. Especially with Trevor Lawrence seemingly improving his game.

Clearly, Jacksonville aims to hush the doubters. With Ridley lining up out wide, this offense could really open up.

With that said, look for Calvin Ridley to answer all of these questions throughout the upcoming season. If he goes out there and puts up monster numbers, then the Jaguars should be the favorite in the AFC South.