Cam Newton Dropped An Instagram Rap Video That’s So Much Worse Than You Probably Think

Carolina Panthers quarterback and reigning NFL MVP Cam Newton has plenty of strengths on the football field, but off of the gridiron, well, rapping isn’t one of those talents

That didn’t stop Cam from recording a rap video with his brothers Cecil and Caylin, with the video finding its way onto a Newton Instagram fan page for all of us to painfully listen to.

I’ll give the brothers some credit for at least trying—and giving their mom Jackie some love—but, dammit, the lyrics suck, the confidence is off the charts and it’s now stuck in my head after watching it over and over as if it were a car wreck on the side of the road.

Stick to bullying defenders and leave the rapping to other guys, Cam.

[H/T The Score]

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