Cameron Smith Chugs Booze From A Shoe During LIV Golf Event In Australia

Cam Smith at a LIV Golf event

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LIV Golf has harnessed a number of strategies in its quest to give the PGA Tour a run for its money, a gambit that has largely revolved around offering players affiliated with that second organization an absurd amount of money to defect.

Of course, LIV would assert it’s deployed some other approaches in its supposedly noble quest to Grow The Game, which includes the team-based, 54-hole format its tournaments feature in addition to an atmosphere that’s on the same wavelength as the Waste Management Open or the events Happy Gilmore played in.

This week, LIV headed down to Australia for a tourney at The Grange Golf Club in Adelaide, and that event has served as a bit of a homecoming for Cam Smith, the Brisbane native who officially took his talents to LIV shortly after winning the British Open last year.

LIV tapped Grammy-winning Australian DJ Fisher to provide some entertainment during the festivities, and the producer tried (and failed) to convince Smith to chug some hard seltzer out of his shoe (a.k.a. do a “shoey”) in the middle of the first round.

However, Fisher wasn’t done there, as he used some good, old-fashioned peer pressure to convince Smith to come onto the stage during a set after the match before the golfer agreed to do a shoey by chugging an adult beverage out of the Jordan 1 Low x Travis Scott “Black Phantom” sneaker the DJ presented to him.

This isn’t necessarily shocking when you consider Smith poured a couple of beers into the Claret Jug after winning The Open and attributed his poor showing during a round at the Australian Open last year to his decision to hit the bar after he mistakenly assumed he’d missed the cut.

Say what you will about LIV, but Cam Smith is definitely a man of the people.

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