Carlos Gomez Sprinted Around the Bases After Homering Against the Braves — And Here’s Why

Last season, a scuffle broke out when a few Atlanta Braves took exception to Milwaukee Brewers’ Carlos Gomez taking a leisurely trot around the bases after blasting a home run. It was really, really stupid.

But at least it led to this.

After crushing a leadoff homer last night, the speedster showed the Braves just how quickly he could cover the 360 feet if interested.

[mlbvideo id=”31745731″ width=”600″ height=”336″ /]

The not-so-subtle bit of hustle will surely delight both those who believe in unwritten rules and those who find them capricious and arbitrary.

The first-inning sprinting was the beginning of an eventful evening for Gomez. A certified idiot would later try to give him a high-five before being blitzed into next week by Miller Park security.

[H/T: Eye on Baseball]