Catcher With The Worst Aim Of All Time Absolutely Destroys Batter With Throw Right To The Gut

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This poor guy is going to be shitting blood for a month.

In an overeagerness to throw out a runner stealing third, Triple-A Pawtucket catcher Humberto Quintero totally forgets their is another human being standing right in front of him and NAILS Luke Maile in the gut with a throw.

Was the throw intentional? I don’t want to make assumptions and point the finger but I’ll make assumptions and point the finger that Humberto Quintero absolutely meant to nail that dude in the guts. According to one website, Quintero was getting mouthy with the opposition earlier in the evening.

If the toss was an accident, send the guy back to single A ball or get him fitted for some Rec Specs.

[via CBS Sports]

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