Fan Catches Cavs Assistant Coach Googling Miami Heat’s Duncan Robinson During Robinson’s Franchise Record-Setting First Half Performance

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If you ever need inspiration to propel you to conquer a goal, consider this: five years ago, Duncan Robinson was a freshman playing Division III ball for Williams College. Now, the 25-year-old has worked himself into the starting lineup for the Miami Heat setting franchise records.

On Wednesday night, the 6’8” shooting guard hit a franchise record seven 3-pointers in the first half before finishing with nine threes and a career-high 29 points in a 124-100 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers.

To make it even sweeter for Robinson, his best game thus far in the NBA came against Cleveland Cavs coach John Beilein, who plucked Robinson from Division III to play for his Michigan team.

One would think that Beilein would be know exactly how to defend his former player, but he evidently needs some help from his coaching staff.

To add insult to injury, the coach is searching “Donte Robinson” instead of “Duncan.”

It would have been less egregious if I zoomed in to see “Epstein didn’t kill himself.”

After the game, coach Beilein praised his former player while acknowledging it was tough to be victimized by him.

“That young man the last two years has developed with the Miami culture,” said Beilein. “He’s developed his game into a whole different level. … Part of it you hate, but it’s also part of your blood.”

As for the assistant coach, he’s probably currently searching ‘What shape is a basketball?’

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