Report Suggests Cavs Will Explore Blockbuster Trade Involving Kevin Love In An Effort To Keep LeBron James

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The NBA Finals are over which means the LeBron James sweepstakes are very much under way. Most people around the NBA don’t believe the Cavs have much of a shot in retaining James this offseason but it appears that the team is going to pull out all the stops this offseason to try to keep their superstar from jumping ship.

According to ESPN’s Zach Lowe, the Cavs will most likely explore a blockbuster deal involving Kevin Love and the #8 pick in a last ditch effort to convince LeBron to stay in Cleveland.


Their one saving grace: the Nets pick, No. 8 in this draft, the only item with clear, positive value remaining from the somewhat unexpectedly catastrophic Irving deal.

​​They missed chances to trade their best non-LeBron player, ​Kevin Love, at something close to peak value, and will have hard time flipping him for even 50 percent of that now,Expect the Cavs to explore what they might get for a package of Love and the No. 8 pick around the draft in a last-ditch attempt to convince LeBron to stay.

The Cavs are in terrible position this offseason and only have two moveable pieces in Love and the 8th pick. Love is probably going to get traded no matter what happens with LeBron, so I can see Lowe’s report making sense. Anyways, I doubt LeBron stays no matter what the Cavs plan on doing in the draft or with Love they just have too many bad contracts on hand to do anything that could make them a championship contender next season.

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