Celtics Players React Negatively To James Harden Reportedly Adding Boston To Teams He Wants To Be Traded To

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The James Harden to Boston rumors are starting to make the rounds and some Celtics players are not into that idea.

On Thursday night The Athletic reported that Harden had added Boston and Portland to teams he preferred to be traded to.

Via The Athletic

James Harden’s holiday wish list has grown longer yet again, it seems. Such is life when you’re a disgruntled NBA star who’s hoping Santa leaves a trade of your liking under the tree this year.

Sources told The Athletic that the Houston Rockets guard has recently deemed the Boston Celtics and Portland Trail Blazers among his preferred destinations. Brooklyn and Philadelphia were the first teams to receive that distinction back in mid-December, followed by Miami and Milwaukee being added in the weeks thereafter.

Celtics’ Semi Ojeleye was asked about the Harden rumors during his Twitch stream, and he said that he didn’t know if “Harden would fit” with the team.

Jaylen Brown uploaded a pic of himself flexing with Harden in the background on Instagram as a troll.