Chad Johnson Quenches His Thirst On Twitter By Confessing His Love To Lindsey Pelas


Instagram Composite

I have no idea what the hell Chad Johnson is up to right now. A quick Google search reveals that the poor bastard has been bumped from the top search by some pretty boy Bachelorette meatstick.



It’s been four years since Chad has played in an NFL game, but he’s still a highly-entertaining Twitter follow. Last night, the 38-year-old Johnson expressed his love for widely sought after model Lindsey Pelas, likely after a few cocktails.

Shoot your shot, Chad. Shoot it for us all to see.

Lindsey seemed to be swooned by compliment.

No chance Chad didn’t move to the DMs after receiving a heart emoji. Zero chance.

I respect Chad’s approach more than Texas Rangers pitcher Derek Holland’s, who basically got on his hands and knees and begged for a follow back from Lindsey. Act like you’ve been there before, brah.

Picture time.

[h/t Busted Coverage]

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