Charles Barkley May Leave ‘Inside The NBA’ For Big Payday From Saudi-Backed LIV Golf

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Is Charles Barkley’s time with Inside the NBA coming to an end?

Just a few days ago, golf fans were stunned to learn that David Feherty had left NBC to become a commentator for LIV golf.

Last week, Barkley revealed that the Saudi-backed golf league, which has been paying golfers enormous amounts of money to leave the PGA tour, had approached him about meeting with them.

Dan Patrick is reporting that Barkley told him he might have to leave TNT/Inside The NBA if he signs with LIV golf.

“He’s the most valuable voice in sports media,” “You throw in all the commercials, because he may lose those endorsements, a lot of these players who joined the LIV tour lost endorsements. Charles knows that he may lose those. So if you’re gonna go after Charles Barkley, you don’t have a TV deal and you have David Feherty, what are you gonna give Charles Barkley? And Charles says he’s going to listen to them, I believe tomorrow night and decide what he’s going to do, and he might have to leave TNT. That’s why this is a huge deal. And Charles knows that he may have to leave TNT to do this.”

It is worth noting that Barkley had previously stated he didn’t judge any of the PGA tour players who decided to leave for LIV golf.

“I don’t judge other people. If someone gave me $200 million, I’d kill a relative…Hey, I’m serious, Phil Mickelson got 200 million dollars, and Dustin Johnson got 150 million dollars. Hey, for 150 million dollars, I’d kill a relative. Even one I liked!”

It’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out, but “Inside the NBA” losing Barkley would be a devastating blow for TNT.

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