Charles Barkley Rips Into Politicians During March Madness Show ‘Those People Are Awful, They’re All Crooks’

Charles Barkley on March Madness show

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Charles Barkley doesn’t agree with new NCAA president Charlie Baker’s idea about getting politicians involved to get NIL regulated at the national level.

During an interview with CBS’ March Madness crew Baker laid out his plans to attempt to fix NIL by talking to people in Washington.

Barkley immediately crushed Baker, and didn’t think the NCAA should get involved with politicians because “they’re awful people.”

“Our politicians are awful people…I would actually go to people who care about basketball, I would put a committee together but some coaches, put some players and let’s try to work this things out.

“We can’t ask these politicians nothing, those people are awful people, democrats and republicans, they’re all crooks.”

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