Chet Holmgren Absolutely Dominates His NBA Summer League Debut And Fans Can’t Contain Their Excitement

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  • The Oklahoma City Thunder took Gonzaga star Chet Holmgren with the second pick in the 2022 NBA Draft.
  • Holmgren dominated in his NBA Summer League debut, scoring 23 points to go along with seven rebounds and a record six blocks.
  • Now NBA fans are all-in on the rookie, with some wondering why he didn’t go number one.

Chet Holmgren has been a household name since well before he joined the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The basketball star dominated at Gonzaga and his unique size and skill set make him a potentially generational player. Now he’s showing that talent at the professional level.

Holmgren played in his first NBA Summer League game on Tuesday night and absolutely stole show.

The big man dominated, scoring 23 points on just nine shots to go along with seven rebounds, four assists and a Utah  Summer League record six blocks.

He’s not settling for just first-game success, either.

Holmgren’s absurd length combined with his guard-like skills make him a truly unique prospect, with offensive skills similar to that of Kevin Durant and shot-blocking prowess that rivals Rudy Gobert.

Basketball fans are already marveling over what he could become after Wednesday’s incredible showing.

One common theme in the discussion was whether Holmgren should’ve gone No. 1 to the Orlando Magic. Instead, the Magic selected Duke’s Paolo Banchero. Banchero will begin his pro career on Thursday night against the Houston Rockets and No. 3 overall pick, Jabari Smith.

Banchero and Smith are both incredibly intriguing prospects in their own right, but for now it’s Holmgren who has captivated the basketball world.