Chicago Bulls Reveal Schedule Release With Perfect Pokémon-Themed Video

Chicago Bulls mascot and Pokémon toys

Getty Image

The NBA has released the 2023-24 schedule and teams around the league are sharing their own schedule on social media.

With that said, the Chicago Bulls have arguably the best schedule release video, as they pulled off a perfect rendition of the old school Pokémon games.

The video is just under four and a half minutes long. But trust me, it’s totally worth the watch.

If you grew up playing those Pokémon Red and Blue, then you’re in for quite the treat.

Here’s the Chicago Bulls schedule released with a perfect Pokémon-themed video.

Usually NFL teams make the best schedule release videos as they only play 17 games in a season.

However, the Bulls pulled off a masterclass in their own right.

I mean, some of the images for the other teams are just spot on. Victor Wembanyama’s legs just being on the screen because he’s so tall is a perfect example.

Or how about Nikola Jokic repping Joker makeup while riding a horse? It’s safe to say the Bulls’ media team was in their bag making this video.

They even made a perfect image showing off the Pokémon stats of their mascot, Benny the Bull.

It’s safe to say, the Chicago Bulls’ schedule release was incredibly creative.

The NBA regular season kicks off on October 24 and it should be a fun season. Hopefully, the Bulls can play as good as the media team this year. If they can, perhaps Chicago can make a deep run in the playoffs.