Cubs’ Kyle Schwarber Looks Nearly Unrecognizable In Side-By-Side Comparison Pics After Getting In Shape And Losing A Ton Of Weight

After a disappointing 2017 season in which he batted .211 with 30 home run and 50 RBI in 129 games and saw himself get demoted to AAA in the middle of season, Cubs slugger Kyle Schwarber felt like it was time to lose some weight and to get into shape.


Schwarber has been on a mission. And not just to track down tennis balls or lose a few pounds. He isn’t just looking for a comeback season after a rocky 2017. He wants more — much more.

“Everyone is caught up in the weight-loss thing,” Schwarber said between workouts Friday. “I’m not. I’m training my body for 162 games times nine innings or maybe more. I want to be an MVP. I want to be a Gold Glover. I want to set my standards really high.”

Schwarber is a “don’t tell him he can’t do it” kind of guy, perhaps because he already achieved the nearly impossible in returning several months early from a devastating knee injury to help the Cubs win the 2016 World Series. But this winter is about more than playing well over the course of a few games. It’s about dominating all 162. Schwarber calls it a “lifestyle change.”

Some Internet sleuths put together some side-by-side comparison pics of Schwarber’s transformation and the Cubs outfielder looks like a completely different person.

Skinny Kyle Schwarber is gonna kill it this season.