WGN Sports Reporter Expertly Weaves ‘I Think You Should Leave’ Quotes Into Highlights Segment

The Dan Flashes sketch from I Think You Should Leave


I Think You Should Leave has amassed an incredibly rabid fan base since the first season of the Tim Robinson vehicle landed on Netflix in 2019—and it appears that group includes WGN sports reporter Josh Frydman.

A major part of the appeal of I Think You Should Leave is the infinitely quotable nature of the sketch comedy series, which is infused with a strain of absurdist humor that has an uncanny ability to be reflected in plenty of scenarios you’ll encounter in day-to-day life.

Sure, you’ll probably never have to deal with the aftermath of a guy in a hot dog costume crashing a hot dog car through the front of a men’s clothing store, but anyone who’s spent enough time on Twitter knows the GIF of him saying “We’re all trying to find the guy who did this!” can be applied to many, many situations.

Over the weekend, Frydman became the latest reporter to seamlessly weave some pop culture references into a segment when he deployed his knowledge of I Think You Should Leave quotes while recapping the preseason showdown between the Bears and the Titans as well as Saturday’s gamebetween the Cubs and the Blue Jays.

The Chicago sportscaster kicked things off by describing preseason football as a “cosmic gumbo” before rattling off a string of nods to the show, including references to reviled Baby of the Year contestant Bart Harley Jarvis, a fast food order involving 55 burgers, 55 fries, and 55 tacos, and a postgame meal at Truffoni’s that will definitely involve some sloppy steaks.

However, he didn’t stop there, as the breakdown of the Cubs-Blue Jays game saw Frydman dip back into the bag while describing one player as a member of the “Dangerous Nights Crew” and reminding viewers that “triples are best.”

Frydman needs to figure out a way to make money on this. It’s simply too good.

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