Someone Made A Playable Version Of The Weird Egg Game From ‘I Think You Should Leave’

The egg game from I Think You Should Leave


In 2019, Netflix found itself with a fairly surprising hit on its hands in the form of I Think You Should Leave, the sketch comedy series that can be largely attributed to the brilliantly strange mind of Tim Robinson.

Robinson had previously worked on Saturday Night Live and was also behind the criminally underappreciated Detroiters, but he found himself thrust into the mainstream after the infinitely quotable show built on a foundation of widely absurdist humor took the world by storm.

The eagerly anticipated second season of I Think You Should Leave dropped in 2021 and spawned some instant classics in the form of Dan Flashes, a haunted house tour for adults, and, of course, the hit Corncob TV show Coffin Flop.

It took close to two years, but at the end of May, we were treated to six new episodes when the third season debuted on Netflix.

I Think You Should Leave is one of those shows you have to watch at least a couple of times to truly appreciate, but the latest iteration featured a few standouts thanks to sketches involving a pig in a Richard Nixon mask, a dating show contestant with an undying love for zip lines, and the man known as “The Driving Crooner.”

The third season also features a sketch that revolves around an office worker who’s shirked most of his duties in favor of an online game that involves feeding a basket of eggs to a larger egg, which boasts some questionable mechanics and a hilariously NSFW endgame.

While Netflix has previously whipped up some actual websites that tie in with I Think You Should Leave, it declined to give fans a chance to get in on the egg game. Thankfully, a couple of enterprising viewers teamed up to whip up a version you can play yourself.

The egg game also appropriately features an Easter egg, as clicking the “DONATE” button gives you the option to contribute to the GoFundMe that’s been set up for Biff Whiff (the actor who portrayed Santa Claus in the Detective Crashmore sketch in season two and returned for “Shirt Brothers” in season three), who is currently battling cancer.

It’s an admirable cause, and as every fan of the show knows, you gotta give.

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