Chicago White Sox Reportedly Could Leave Chicago

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Getty Image / Jamie Sabau

The Chicago White Sox could leave Chicago.

The franchise want a new stadium and a move to Nashville is among the options they are considering.

For some time now, one of the biggest stories in the MLB has been where the Oakland A’s will play baseball in the future.

The saga dragged on for quite some time despite it seemingly being a foregone conclusion that they would be heading to Las Vegas.

Now that the A’s situation is settled, it looks like there could be a new team that will potentially begin relocations talks.

According to Greg Hinz from “Crain’s Chicago Business”, the White Sox are considering a move to the suburbs or potentially even Nashville to get a new stadium.

The White Sox leaving Chicago would be one of the more shocking relocations we’ve seen in recent sports history.

While relocation has become a very popular idea across the sports world in recent years, there is no team that has relocated or even looked into the possibility that has played in one city for as long as the Chicago White Sox.

The Raiders and Rams had only played in their cities since the 90s. The Chargers had been in San Diego since the 60s. Even when the A’s move to Las Vegas, they’ll only be leaving a city they’ve been in since the 60s.

The White Sox have been playing baseball in Chicago since 1900.

Relocation also hasn’t been a particularly common occurrence in baseball. The last team to do it was the Nationals when they moved from Montreal to Washington, D.C. back in 2005.

The Chicago White Sox still have 6 years left on their lease at Guaranteed Rate Field, so any move from the team won’t be coming any time soon, but there’s at least a chance that they could end up leaving Chicago after more than a century in the city.