Chiefs Heiress Gracie Hunt’s Beach Bikini Pics Go Viral

Gracie Hunt

Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

Chiefs heiress Gracie Hunt is taking the term “going viral” to a whole new level

The daughter of Chiefs owner Clark Hunt has decided to grace the internet with her beachy presence, and let’s just say, the social media loved it.

Gracie Hunt isn’t just known for being the daughter of the guy who owns the Chiefs; she’s got some fashion sense that’s sharper than Patrick Mahomes knowing how to avoid a pass-rusher.

With over 450,000 social media followers, she’s basically got a fan base that could fill a stadium. Or at least a really fancy beach club.

In her recent Instagram post, Hunt dropped pictures that had everyone scrolling with their eyes wide open.

In the pictures she’s beachside and striking poses while wearing a yellow string bikini. She captioned the post: “The sun’s setting on what’s been an amazing summer.”

And it’s not just the beach that gets the Hunt treatment.

This fashion-forward heiress recently gave us pictures of her pink Barbie outfit. Just another day in the life of an NFL dynasty heiress.

But let’s not forget her grand appearance at the Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory celebration. Decked out in red, she probably had people double-checking their playbooks to see if “stunning red dress” was a new term for a touchdown play.

Gracie Hunt also shown off her flexibility in tight gym gear during a workout session. Because what’s better than scoring a touchdown? Scoring that perfect yoga pose while wearing trendy workout clothes, obviously.

Not content with just conquering the football scene and the beach scene, she’s also made her mark in the world of modeling as a Fabletics ambassador and works for the Chiefs in the marketing and brand development department.