Chiefs Superfan Chiefsaholic Indicted On 19 New Criminal Charges

Chiefs superfan Chiefsaholic

Getty Image / Sam Greenwood

The Kansas City Chiefs superfan Xavier Michael Babudar, also known as Chiefsaholic, has been indicted on 19 new criminal charges by a federal grand jury.

This situation is ongoing and doesn’t seem close to being over just yet.

According to ESPN, Babudar is facing multiple counts of armed robbery, money laundering, and transporting stolen goods over state lines.

“Xaviar Babudar, 29, is accused of three counts of armed bank robbery, one count of bank theft, 11 counts of money laundering and four counts of transporting stolen property across state lines. Federal prosecutors allege Babudar laundered the proceeds through casinos in the Midwest and used the funds to attend Chiefs home and away games.”

Chiefsaholic’s story is just absolutely absurd. Especially considering he allegedly funded his trips to watch the Chiefs play with stolen or laundered money.

ESPN also reports the amount of money authorities believe Babudar allegedly stolen during his reported crime spree in 2022.

“In a criminal complaint unsealed in July, Babudar was linked to six robberies and two attempted robberies during a nine-month stretch from March 2, 2022, in Clive, Iowa, to Dec. 16, 2022, in Bixby, Oklahoma, where he was first arrested. In total, authorities allege Babudar stole more than $800,000.”

Due to the latest indictment by the federal grand jury, Xavier Michael Babudar’s defense attorney, Matthew T. Merryman, shared a lengthy statement about his client, per ESPN.

“The government’s announcement today of its 19-count indictment provides an unfair and unjust portrayal of Xaviar. The truth is that since 2018 Xaviar Babudar, aka ‘ChiefsAholic’ has entertained, inspired, unified and motivated Kansas Citians, the Chiefs Kingdom and hundreds of millions of football fans around the globe. It’s now the fourth quarter of the most important game of Xaviar’s life, and his legal team believes his innocence will ultimately be proven to the public and we are confident that once all of the facts are known that he will be redeemed in the eyes of his supporters, admirers and the Chiefs Kingdom.”

I’m not sure how being viewed as an entertainer for Chiefs fans would get Chiefsaholic, or anyone for that matter, off the hook. But I’m sure Merryman has a few tricks up his sleeve.

It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out, as sports fans everywhere are keeping a close eye on this situation.

Chiefsaholic is currently in an ongoing legal case as he has serious allegations against him though. But only time will tell what his future holds.

Keep on the lookout for any updates in the coming months.