Chip Kelly Echoes Fans Thoughts While Slamming New College Football Clock Rules

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UCLA football coach Chip Kelly proved to be a man of the people on Saturday when he trashed the clock rules institude for college football in 2023.

Kelly’s comments came during a halftime interview with ESPN’s Kayla Burton during the Bruins’ game against Coastal Carolina, a game which they went on to win, 27-13.

They addressed the surprise decision to no longer stop the clock after first downs (except in the final two minutes of each half) in NCAA Division I and Division II football games.

“But this new rule is, um, it’s crazy. We had four drives in the first half. This game goes fast. Hope you guys are selling a lot of commercials,” he said.

Kelly’s comments were not without merit, either.

The NCAA said it expected the rule changes to produce about seven fewer plays per game. But Twitter user Colton Denning did the math.

Game were still on television for the same period of time. But fans saw shorter game times and more commercials.

Indiana coach Tom Allen, who used the rules to his benefit again Ohio State, had similar critiques to Kelly prior to Saturday’s game.

“When you think about the reasons why they’re doing it, you know, obviously we all know from a practical perspective they’re not going to cut out the commercials. Because that’s how things are financed,” Allen said.

Fans were all the way on board with Kelly’s comments.

College football games aren’t meant to be short. And the new rules just help inferior times tried to bleed out the clock rather than win games.

It makes for an infinitely worse viewing experience, and hopefully enough fans and coaches speak up that the NCAA has to do a U-Turn. Otherwise, you’re just getting a sterilized version of the NFL.  And that’s not what anybody wants.