Toronto’s Chris Coghlan Dove Over The Catcher At Home Plate In The Best MLB Play Of 2017

“I told you I wasn’t going to slide.” That epic phrase comes from the character Willie Mays Hayes in Major League, and it refers to Omar Epps’ character jumping over the catcher at home plate instead of sliding. The catcher, Parkman, assumed Willie was going to try and truck through him but Mays Hayes went over the top.

That’s almost exactly what transpired last night when Chris Coghlan of the Toronto Blue Jays jumped over the Yadier Molina at home plate in what will probably go down as the best MLB play of 2017. Let’s watch that once more in GIF, and then check out some reactions:

Twitter lost its damn mind:

Pretty f’n awesome. I truly hope that Omar Epps has seen this by now. Last night could’ve been his opportunity to gain tens of thousands of followers with one Willie Mays Hayes tweet. Opportunity lost.