Chris Collinsworth Apologizes On Air After Making Awkward Comment About Dak Prescott’s Dead Mother During ‘Sunday Night Football’ Broadcast

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Cris Collinsworth instantly regretted a major blunder he made live on-air while calling the Dallas Cowboys-Minnesota Vikings game on Sunday night.

After Prescott threw a touchdown pass to Michael Gallup in the second quarter, Collinsworth and Al Michaels began discussing the state of Prescott’s contract negotiations with the Cowboys.

During the discussion, Collinsworth proclaimed “He got his mom a house. He’s happy. He said his sponsorships pay for a few other things,” which is wrong considering Prescott’s mother died six years ago.

A few minutes later Collinsworth apologized for making the comment about Prescott’s dead mother.

Collinsworth obviously didn’t mean anything by the comment but it’s still pretty unfortunate.