Chris Harris Says Michael Crabtree Sucker-Punched Him Prior To Brawl And It Sure Looks Like He Did

chris harris michael crabtree sucker punch

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If you somehow haven’t seen the insane brawl that took place when Raiders wide receiver Michael Crabtree and Broncos defensive back Aqib Talib got into it, wow, you REALLY missed a good one.

Rarely do football fights amount to much, but this melee actually had some real action to it. Especially considering that at some point Crabtree lost his helmet and still wanted to fight.

The photo below appears like it could explain how Crabtree’s helmet was removed…maybe.

chris harris michael crabtree sucker punched

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According to post-game reports, the reason that Talib and Crabtree got into it yet again (last year they also got into a fight with Talib ripping Crabtree’s gold chain off his neck) was because Crabtree sucker-punched Talib’s teammate Chris Harris earlier in the game.

According to Silver and Black Pride

“Yeah he just sucker punched me,” Harris said of Crabtree. “I have never seen that in the NFL. Today, he just came out wanting to fight. He didn’t want to play football. It was the second play of the game. It was a run play, I was playing man, and I wasn’t even doing anything. He just came in there, was like BAM, hit me right in the middle of the stomach and I just lost my breath.”

Video appears to back up Harris’ claim…

“He was just upset,” Broncos safety Justin Simmons said of Talib. “Upset that one, Chris [Harris] is the farthest from a dirty player. I mean Chris is one of the most genuine guys that I ever met. So for him, he was walking off the field pissed, looking at he sideline yelling, so you know something was wrong. He said that Crabtree had hit him, uppercut him on the stomach on his way out. So Aqib took that personal. So I don’t know what happened on their side. Aqib said [Crabtree] tried to do the same thing to him. And obviously Aqib is a little more… not as genuine as Chris when it comes to that type of stuff. So he took it into his own hands.”

Oh yeah, Talib also ripped Crabtree’s gold chain off his neck AGAIN just for good measure.

So much for what Talib told the media before the game…

“I’m not worried about Crab boy’s chain,” Talib said after practice Friday. “I’m not worried about any of that. I’m worried about what routes these guys are running, what concepts these guys are running and stuff like that. So that’s the last thing I’m worried about.”

Thank goodness, Marshawn Lynch was there to be the voice of reason…


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