Ex-NFL Star Chris Long Accidentally Drinks His Own Dip Spit Mid-Interview And Things Go Off The Rails Fast

  • 2-time Super Bowl winner Chris Long was recording a podcast when he accidentally drank the dip spit from a can
  • He kept it together briefly until the others realized what had happened and things quickly went off the rails
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I’d personally rank ‘accidentally drinking dip spit’ as one of top 100 worst experiences of my life. I made the fatal mistake once before, thankfully it was my own. For me, it wasn’t as bad as accidentally drinking cigarette ash in college. Here, 2-time Super Bowl champion Chris Long accidentally drinks his own dip spit and ranks it as ‘top 500 worst’ which all things considered, isn’t so terrible.

Chris Long was recording an episode of his Greenlight podcast when the incident occurred and my god, it’s hard to watch. I came across this clip over on The Big Lead and wasn’t sure if I should even watch it.

I think the fact that I’ve experienced this firsthand is why I have such a visceral reaction here but it might be different for you. Check it out…

Chris Long Accidentally Drinks His Own Dip Spit Mid-Interview

The silver lining here, I suppose, is it was Chris Long’s own dip spit. If that was someone else’s spitoon then we’re talking top-5 worst experiences in life.

Here’s What Long Had To Say About It On Twitter

Accidentally drinking dip spit while tripping might actually break my soul if it happened to me. I’d just give up.

It is commendable that he powered through with recording. I’d need a minute to collect myself. Heck, I needed a minute to recompose myself after watching Chris Long do that.

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