Listen To Chris ‘Mad Dog’ Russo Go Nuts After His Callers Couldn’t Answer The Lamest Sports Trivia Question


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With a nickname like “Mad Dog,” you know that Chris Russo has plenty of bark—and, for any of you who have followed the longtime sports radio host’s career over the years, you know this to be true. But the dog went a little too fucking crazy this morning on his SiriusXM Mad Dog Sports Radio show because no callers could identify his lameass sports trivia question.

Asking his callers which Green Bay Packers offensive lineman was the last to be introduced onto the field during Super Bowl I, calls flooded in with a bunch of different guesses, none of which happened to be correct.

Fiery and pissed off that people named everyone but the right answer, Mad Dog let loose, exploding in epic fashion and saying this:

“There is only one more! That’s it, one more!” Russo shouted. ‘It is not Gale Gillingham, it’s not Jerry Kramer, it’s not Jim Ringo, it is not Bill Curry, it is not Fuzzy [Thurston], it is ONE MORE!'”

When another caller guessed Jerry Kramer, Russo went even crazier, acting as if this question and answer would be the one that would either kill him or allow him to live:

“Who is the goddamn offensive lineman who was announced lastly at that stupid, asinine, crappy, garbage, terrible production game I’ve ever…who is the offensive lineman goddammit!”

This is a pretty good rant from Russo, but it still takes second place on his all-time list behind the famous rant about the San Francisco Giants being eliminated in the 2003 MLB playoffs by the San Diego Padres.

No leash can keep this dog from barking—and it’s always fucking hilarious when he does.

[H/T New York Daily News]

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