Fans Accuse Christian McCaffrey Of Tampering For Commenting On Deshaun Watson’s Instagram

Fans Accuse Christian McCaffrey Of Tampering With Deshaun Watson

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The rumor mill surrounding Deshaun Watson has been in overdrive ever since word got out that Houston Texans’ franchise quarterback may possibly be looking to play somewhere else next season.

Watson, who does have a no-trade clause in his contract, something that was added when he signed an extension last year with Houston, would reportedly waive it in order to move on to another team of his choosing.

One team he would reportedly do that for is Miami were the Dolphins interested in swapping Tua Tagovailoa.

Other possible destinations include places like New England, Indianapolis, Chicago, Denver, Washington, New Orleans, Detroit, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Pittsburgh, and Atlanta.

All of those teams would make sense. The Patriots are expected to move on from Cam Newton. Philip Rivers’ future is up in the air. Watson taking over for Trubisky in Chicago would be the height of irony. The Broncos, WFT, and 49ers are all in the market for a top notch quarterback. While Matt Stafford and Matt Ryan may be playing for someone else in 2021. And Drew Brees and Ben Roethlisberger may not be playing at all next year.

Another team that may be looking for a quarterback is the Carolina Panthers. Teddy Bridgwater is signed through 2021 for a pretty hefty amount so it seems unlikely for Watson to end up there.

Not that it’s stopping players like Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey from stating their case – something that many NFL fans, especially those that root for the Texans, believe qualifies as tampering with their QB.

Commenting on a recent Instagram post by Watson, McCaffrey got fans very fired up with just two emojis: 🤟❄️.

Fans Accuse Christian McCaffrey Tampering Deshaun Watson


Fans Accuse Christian McCaffrey Tampering Deshaun Watson


If Watson really is serious about wanting to play for another team in 2021, McCaffrey won’t be the only NFL player to “tamper” with Deshaun in an effort to get him to come play alongside them next year.

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