Browns Fan Goes Viral For Using Impressive Arm To Throw Beer To A Boat Worker While Tailgating

Cleveland Browns fan

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Sunday’s matchup between the Browns and the Bengals featured a couple of quarterbacks with some impressive arm strength and accuracy. However, I’d argue none of the passes Joe Burrow or Deshaun Watson threw during the game were as good as what one fan was able to achieve with a beer before the contest.

There are plenty of places for fans in Cleveland to post up and get their drink on before heading to the stadium, and according to Fox8, a guy named Andrew Butts set up shop with some friends in a parking lot off Columbus Road located right next to the  Cuyahoga River around a mile from the venue.

Butts and his buddies were throwing back some brews before the game as a freight boat dubbed the “American Courage” was making its way down the waterway that flows into Lake Erie when someone in his crew asked one of the workers onboard if they wanted a beer.

According to Butts, the guy in question responded, “Absolutely, but you can’t make that throw.” However, they were quickly proved wrong after Butts grabbed a beer, got a running start, and hurled the can at the worker who was able to snag it to complete what may be the most impressive pass of the NFL season so far.

It’s a bit hard to figure out exactly how far the can traveled, but based on a rough recreation of the throw on Google Maps, it seems like it was at least 100 feet (for the sake of comparison, the longest pass Joe Burrow was able to complete in Cincinnati’s 24-3 loss to the Browns was for a relatively paltry 12 yards).

On Tuesday, David Lieberman (the boat worker who caught the beer) posted a picture of the can while asking Butts to DM him so he could figure out a way to reward him for rising to the challenge.

What a guy.

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