People Are Making The Same Awful Dad Joke After The Cleveland Browns Named Freddie Kitchens Head Coach


The Cleveland Browns did it, guys, they hired a new head coach who, as a Browns fan, seems to have made the entire fanbase happy. By promoting Freddie Kitchens from interim offensive coordinator to head coach, there’s optimism that what the barrel-chested guy from Alabama did with rookie quarterback Baker Mayfield in just eight games can be prolonged for a long, long time. Can you say Super Bowl? OK, maybe I shouldn’t get too ahead of myself.

Still, under the tutelage of Freddie Kitchens, Baker Mayfield through for 19 touchdowns against 8 interceptions, racking up a 106.2 quarterback rating and leading the team to a 5-3 record. Prior to the two being paired, Mayfield had a rating of just 78.9, so Kitchens definitely made an impression with the young signal-called. Plus, there seems to be mutual respect between the two, so good for the Cleveland Browns on getting this hire right.

There’s just one tiny, little, annoying problem with the Browns naming Kitchens head coach — there are puns. Lots and lots of puns. Oh, and the Internet noticed.

Considering the quarterback’s name is “Baker” and his new head coach is “Kitchens,” people on social media were ripe with the same awful dad joke. Look, if the Baker just needed a Kitchens to cook in to lead the Cleveland Browns to a Super Bowl, I’m all for it. But, man, take a look at some of these awful variations of the dad joke and see for yourself why it’s a bit annoying already.

As a Cleveland Browns fan, here’s to hoping that these awful puns are the worst thing about Freddie Kitchens being named head coach. God knows we endured a helluva lot worse when we had Hue Jackson leading the team to an incredible 3-36-1 record during his tenure, so I can deal with dad jokes as long as the team starts winning.

(H/T FTW.USAToday)

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