Guardians Fan Snags HR With One Hand While Preserving A Tray Of Nachos In Stunning Show Of Athleticism

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You’re typically not going to get a bargain when you hit up the concession stand at an MLB game, and anyone who’s ever instinctively flinched after hearing how much they’ve dropped has to respect a Guardians fan who expertly preserved his nachos while snagging a home run.

Over the years, plenty of people who’ve made the trek to an MLB game have made the ultimate sacrifice after ending up in the path of a ball that flew their way.

While some people are lucky enough to have some beer left to chug after a baseball managed to make its way into their cup, others have needlessly sacrificed a perfectly good adult beverage (and soaked nearby spectators in the process) in their unsuccessful quest to grab a souvenir.

You also can’t forget the guy who took a tray of nachos to the face at a Pirates came a while back.

Of course, if you’ve ever ended up in a similar situation, it’s easy to understand why you might panic a little bit; to paraphrase the immortal words of Mike Tyson: everyone has a plan until a baseball comes rocketing toward them in the stands.

One guy who opted to rock a Guardians jersey to a game between the White Sox and Athletics in Chicago on Thursday found himself in that situation courtesy of Oakland DH Brent Rooker, who went deep in the top of the sixth to narrow the home team’s lead to 5-4.

The ball ended up a few rows deep in the left-field bleachers and in the hands of the guy in question, who managed to catch it with his right hand without disturbing the tray of nachos he was holding with his left.

It’s one thing to simply catch a home run at an MLB game, but he’ll be telling that particular story to anyone who listens until the day he dies.

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