CM Punk Allegedly Dodging A Fight Against Green Power Ranger — The Actor Guy, Not An Actual Power Ranger

Green Power Ranger


Jason David Frank wants to fight CM Punk really, really bad. Like, two straight years of needling him into a tussle type bad.

For the most part, CM Punk has dusted off the idea of putting up knuckles against the former Power Ranger but that doesn’t mean Frank is going to stop tossing the idea out into the ether. It hasn’t stopped random fans, possibly plants, from asking Punk why he doesn’t want to go, go Power Rangers punch him in the grill for money.

Check out Punk’s answer to the question at C2E2 in Chicago….

At the recent C2E2 event in Chicago, Punk shrugged off questions about Frank and called him a “stalker,” saying he’s just trying to bother him until he can get “CM Punk money.” Unsurprisingly, Frank took offense to the comments and compiled a response, prefaced by video clips of all the times Punk has talked trash about him. Frank’s request is simple: they both have telephones and they’re both rich enough to fly somewhere and meet eye-to-eye, so they should do that, and also possibly punch each other.

And now here’s Frank’s reaction, which if I can be so bold to say, is some of his best acting work since the Thunder Struck: Part 1 episode of Power Rangers Dino Thunder.

I’d love to see the two settle it in an MMA ring but only if Frank starts the match by screaming “It’s morphing time!”

[via With Spandex]

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