Coach K Had A Truly Legendary Response When Asked About Team USA Staying On A Cruise Ship

There has been an inordinate amount of chatter over the accommodations of Team USA basketball compared to the athletes participating in other sports. It has been tradition since the 1992 Summer Olympics for the Men’s Basketball Team to sleep separately from other Team USA athletes, but this time around the media’s blown it all out of proportion because the group of NBA players are all staying on a legit cruise ship.

In a recent press conference, Coach K. (the Head Coach of Team USA Basketball and Duke Men’s Basketball) was asked about the team’s decision to live on a cruise ship and whether or not they feel like they’re missing out on the ‘real Olympic experience’. The response Coach K. gave is one of the most legendary press conference responses in history.


LE MONDE REPORTER: “Coach K can you explain again this choice of living on boat and do you miss sometimes part of the Olympic experience? And if Jimmy (Butler) could answer too. Thanks.”

KRZYEWSKI: “Well, we don’t live on a boat. We’re staying on a boat. I actually live in Durham, N.C., and have a swimming pool. Once in a while I get on a raft and lie in there. But I’ve never really thought about living on a boat. Since 1992 the U.S. teams have stayed in different locations and because of the accommodations here, that was good.

“And it’s not our boat. We’re not the only people on the boat. There are other people on the boat that we see, that we say ‘good morning’ to, ‘hello.’ We’ve actually made friends on the boat. I never knew I would have boat friends. In fact now that I’m talking about it, I might go buy a boat. And put it in my — I’d have to have a bigger swimming pool. It’s a place to stay and we’re here to play basketball.

“And I’ll tell you what, the people in Rio have been unbelievable as far as their treatment of us and their hospitality. We’re fortunate to be here for the Olympics whether we’re on a boat or not.”

Boom! Mic dropped. Coach K OUT.

You’re not going to find a Team USA coach handle a press conference better than Coach K did. In fact, the only way his response could’ve been better is if he just started rapping this:

Jimmy Butler was then tasked with responding after Coach K’s now legendary answer to the question from a Le Monde reporter and Jimmy’s was also fanfuckingtastic, but unfortunately it came after Coach K so it didn’t quite stick as well. Coach K then spoke about seasickness after Butler’s answer, and you can read a full transcript of the conference here on!

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