Cody Bellinger Might Have the Sickest House In Arizona

Cody Bellinger Might Have the Sickest House In Arizona

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Okay, so a lot of professional athletes have some awesome pads but LA Dodgers star Cody Bellinger’s house might take the cake. Located in Chandler, Arizona, Bellinger resides in a comfortable three-bedroom house. However, it’s not a regular three bedroom you’d usually see.

Cody Bellinger Has A Landing Strip For His Private Jet At His House

The house features everything you’d want in a dream home. A beautiful backyard with a pool, three bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, and the works. On top of that, it comes complete with an indoor basketball court and practice facility for Cody Bellinger to prepare for the baseball season on his off time. However, the landing strip for his private jet might be the best part about it. Take a look for yourself as Jomboy Media shares a quick video showcasing the pad.

Does Cody Bellinger rent this place out through Air BnB by chance? This place is one step below a five-star resort. All of this is made possible by his $17 million contract with the Dodgers. The star outfielder certainly has great taste in homes, as he has everything he needs right there in Chandler, Arizona.

Bellinger is due to hit free agency in 2024. So Los Angels have some time to negotiate a possible contract extension. If this is the home he bought with a $17 million salary, we can only imagine what he’ll be purchasing once he receives a new contract. Considering how great he’s been throughout his career, the Dodgers should highly consider keeping Cody Bellinger in LA for the long haul.

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