MLB Fans Have Jokes After Pitcher Airmails 3 Straight Pitches Over Catcher, Allows 2 Runs To Score

Cole Ragans throws a pitch for the Kansas City Royals.

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Kansas City pitcher Cole Ragans had a forgettable series of pitches during a matchup with Toronto. The lefty heaved three straight deliveries over the catcher’s head, slipping and falling to the ground on two of those windups.

The errant throws led to a pair of Blue Jays runs, helping Toronto tie the game.

Ragans was in the midst of a fantastic outing on the mound, throwing five scoreless innings against a potent Blue Jays offense. The pitcher recorded the first two outs in the bottom of the sixth frame with ease, but then lost total control.

Ragans walked back-to-back batters, then helped them make their ways around the bases with three straight wild pitches.

The string of airmails led to quite the reaction online.

“What just happened to Cole Ragans?” one fan asked.

“Cole Ragans going full Rick Ankiel,” said another.

Cole Ragans has a self-destruct feature that kicks in after 100 pitches,” this follower wrote.

Cole Ragans had been one of the MLB’s best pitchers since the All-Star break, posting a 1.48 ERA in his last seven starts. The wheels came off in that sixth inning, though.

Kansas City now finds itself down 5-2, staring at its 100th loss of the season.