Colin Cowherd Gets Roasted After Bizarrely Saying The NFL Should Postpone Chiefs-Bills Game Until Patrick Mahomes Is Healthy Enough To Play

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There have been some terrible opinions on sports debate shows over the years but Colin Cowherd’s Patrick Mahomes take on Tuesday’s edition of “The Herd” might be the dumbest hot take of all-time.

On Sunday night, Mahomes was forced to leave the Chiefs-Browns game after landing awkwardly following a tackle.

Mahomes is still currently in the concussion protocol and it’s still unclear if he’ll be cleared to play on Sunday.

During his show on Tuesday, Cowherd bizarrely suggested that the NFL postpone Chiefs-Bills game on Sunday until Mahomes was healthy enough to play.

We want Mahomes vs Josh Allen, I think that’s reasonable. I’m sitting here this morning thinking if I’m the NFL, Patrick Mahomes is going through the protocol, I find a day Patrick Mahomes can play and that’s when we’ll play. Why not?

Cowherd got immediately roasted by the NFL fans over his terrible take.