Colin Cowherd Started Crying About How Michelle Beadle Didn’t Invite Him To Her Birthday Party, So She Called Him On-Air

I always have such conflicted feelings about Colin Cowherd. There are times when I think he’s the biggest jabroni in sports media, then there are times I really enjoy his trolling tactics. It’s a rollercoaster of hot or cold with him.

Today he started crying on his radio show about how Michelle Beadle didn’t invite him to her birthday party, yet “that booger-eater Bill Simmons was there because he likes Pro Wrestling.” Despite sounding like a whiny girl who just got passed up by her friends on a brunch invitation, I gotta give him *some* props: Booger-eater is the PERFECT description for Bill Simmons.

Beadle, of course, heard this and called into the show to explain. It’s a weak excuse — “It was just some cupcakes and some wine. You wouldn’t like it.”

Don’t be like Cowheard, Bros. When your Bros invite you to that shit, go or else you’ll end up whining like this man child.

Via Big Lead:

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