Colin Cowherd Says Ohio State Would Run Through The SEC, Calls SEC Quarterbacks ‘Hot Garbage’

Hot take: The SEC is so overrated in college football it is not even funny. Then again, SEC fans love to whine about how the defending national champions have an easy workload compared to SEC teams in the B1G.

That’s not really wrong. No. 1 ranked Ohio State doesn’t really face a huge opponent until Michigan State at the end of the year, which will come after plowing through Northern Illinois, Western Michigan, Indiana, Maryland, Penn State, Rutgers, Minnesota, and Illinois. Still, would a team as good as Ohio State be faced with any real challenge in the SEC? Probably not, says Colin Cowherd.

In fact, he called the quarterback situation on most SEC teams — minus Texas A&M — “hot garbage.” Fighting words like that will surely piss the SEC faithful off.

[H/T: Big Lead]

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