Colin Kaepernick To Donate The Proceeds Of His Best-Selling Jersey To Charity

Two weeks after protesting the national anthem, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick now owns the league’s most popular jersey, as his merchandise in the NFL shop has flown off the shelves.

On Wednesday, Kaepernick thanked his supporters in an Instagram post and vowed to donate all the proceeds from his jersey sales back “into the communities.”

I want to thank everyone who has shown me love and support, it truly means a lot! I wasn’t expecting my jersey sales to jump to number one because of this, but it shows the people’s belief that we can achieve justice and equality for ALL! The only way I can repay you for the support is to return the favor by donating all the proceeds I receive from my jersey sales back into the communities! I believe in the people, and WE can be the change!

Say what you want to say about Kaepernick but this is a pretty cool move on his part.