College Football Hall Of Fame Unrecognizable After Getting Looted And Vandalized During Protests In Atlanta

Following the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, protests and marches have taken place in several cities across the country.

During the protests in Atlanta on Friday, protesters broke into the College Football Hall of Fame located in the downtown area and caused severe damage.

Via The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Protesters smashed windows at the College Football Hall of Fame in downtown Atlanta and damaged a Chick-fil-A restaurant next door to the museum.

Some protesters were seen looting the building before several officers arrived to try to maintain order at the $68 million facility, which opened in 2014 to great fanfare after relocating from South Bend, Ind. Several hurled garbage cans and other objects through the glass exterior of the building, which hosts football watch parties and other major events. Some then rushed inside to grab anything they could.