Watch This Hockey Fan Have The Struggle Of His Life Trying To Throw A Dead Fish On The Ice

Hockey isn’t exactly a sport known for having normal traditions — look no further than the Red Wings — and at the University of New Hampshire, they too have a strange tradition, one that involves throwing a dead fish onto the ice after their beloved hockey team scores its first goal.

This apparently all began back in the early 70s when UNH fans would mock Division II programs of seemingly lesser prestige by throwing a small, measly little fish onto the ice. Since then, as you can see, it’s taken on a life of its own. So let’s get straight to the fun of the fail.

It’s understandable the first toss didn’t make it. These things happen. But then stepping up on the boards only to fail even worse? This kid’s only saving grace was that he did finally get it onto the ice without the assistance of others, or someone just yanking it out of his hands and effortlessly slinging it over the glass.

Next time, wear gloves.

However, I will give him major props if we come to learn he found the courage to stay for the rest of the game and didn’t immediately eject himself from the arena out of sheer embarrassment.

[H/T Uproxx]

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