Colt McCoy Just Pulled Off Some RG3-Type Shit

Remember 2012, when Robert Griffin the Third was damn near unstoppable, and every play had the potential to be one of the best you’ve ever seen?

Colt McCoy, as much as love him, is not that. No one is, least of all the RG3 of the 2013-2014 epoch.

But dang if plays like this won’t make you long for the Griffin of old. I’m gonna miss him when he’s tearing it up on the Jets, despite the fact that I hate him.

Oh, and aside from this, Colt McCoy is having a terrible game. He, too, is not the answer. But Marcus Mariota? MAYBE!

I also like that “RG3-type shit” could mean anything from backstabbing teammates to an incredible scramble to getting hurt to throwing a beautiful deep ball. That man is a myriad.